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Answer? Are you happy with the income you are earning currently? If so, then you don’t need to waste your precious time looking at the LIBERTY SIGNATURE SERVICE Franchise opportunity. However, if you would like to significantly increase your income year after year, you should consider learning more about our Franchise Opportunity.
Answer? As a Life Insurance, Mortgage, or Real Estate Agent, you are a one-product salesperson. As a Deca Financial Franchise Owner, you will become a Financial Success Consultant, Own your own business, and have multiple sources of income.
Answer? The closest competitor to Deca Financial is Liberty Tax. However, Deca Financial has more sources of income; far superior training; and cost of $7,500 ( Limited time offer) compared to about $150,000 for Liberty Tax.
Answer? Deca’s training is one of the best that you will find in the Financial Services industry. You can learn more about this by visiting our website at
Answer? (1) Marketing: Aggressive National Marketing promotion will be done to create awareness of the Deca Financial Services brand; (2) Lead Generation: Deca Financial wants its Franchise Owners to build Highly Successful Businesses. This means “teaching you how to fish”. You can learn more about how we will help you by visiting our website at
Answer? You can go to our website at, in the Income Potential section, and complete this schedule based on your goals, experience, and time you will allocate to working in your business and attending Deca’s training sessions.