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Partnering with QuickBooks

Deca Financial in Scarborough, ON, can be reached at 647-221-1446.

Bookkeeping Made Easy

NuBanc Financial has formed a strategic alliance with "Intuit/QuickBooks," a leading provider of financial management software solutions.

This partnership enables business owners to streamline their accounting and automate tasks while remaining tax ready.

With Intuit/QuickBooks, entrepreneurs can effortlessly track their business expenses, maintain up-to-date records, create, and send personalized invoices, accept online payments, and run payroll seamlessly with free direct deposit.

These tools provide business owners with the necessary resources to manage their finances efficiently and enable them to focus on growing their business.

By leveraging Intuit/QuickBooks, NuBanc Financials’ franchisees can offer their clients a comprehensive suite of financial services, including cutting-edge software solutions, to ensure that they remain competitive and financially stable.

Helping You Streamline Your Business

NuBanc Financial has partnered with “Intuit/ QuickBooks” to provide business owners with the tools they need to:

(a) Streamline your accounting, automate tasks, and stay ready for tax time.

(b) Easily track business expenses, so you always know where your money is going.

(c) Create and send personalized invoices.

(d) Take payment online, by credit card and Apple Pay.

(e) Run payroll accurately and automatically with free direct deposit.


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